How I Focus On Single Task And Why It's Important To Improve Productivity

As you may know, it’s obviously important to focus on single task at a time if you try the GTD way. But it’s not easy to implement the concept in our real life. We now have too many projects, tasks, things need to consider. How can we handle it?

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WordPress 3.2 Fullscreen 'Zen' mode is great!


WordPress is getting into a true publishing platform. It’s not just a content management system. They finally started to improve writing experience on the platform with the new awesome feature called Fullscreen mode. The feature was known as Distraction-Free mode or Zen mode.

Once you got into the fullscreen mode by clicking a fullscreen button on a toolbar of ‘Add New Post’ page, you can see what it is and how the mode improve your writing experience.

Here are some screen photos of my admin pages.




Of course not only the feature. According to Matt the author of WordPress, WordPress 3.2 is faster and lighter than before. And I can feel it since I updated.

If you own WordPress sites on your server, it’s a good time to update.