We need an algorithm to connect people online

Social networks help us to make our relationships stronger and ongoing.

But if you send friend requests to someone who you’ve never met before or don’t know well, your social graph may get noise. I had learned it from my first social network experience back in 2004-2005 with mixi and MySpace.

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How can I handle multiple social platforms? Here is my workflow

Socialmedia Workflow

We have too many places to update our status or pictures recently. The latest web innovations made us easy to connect to the world but at a time, it gave us too many options.

We’re in a complicated situation again. But I believe we stepped forward, and got a lot more opportunities with the huge innovations.

So I tried to make 3 steps to make things clear. My goal is to find out how I can use multiple social platforms efficiently without extra effort. I hope this post helps you to find your own way to connect to the new social world.

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Speeding Up Social Medias And What's Next in 2011?

Instagram got a million users. But the important part is here:

It took Foursquare just over a year to get a million users. It took Twitter about two years. Instagram? They accomplished the feat in less than three months.

Sounds cool. I’m not an Instagram addict but the result told us that their social strategy works well.