How can I handle multiple social platforms? Here is my workflow

Socialmedia Workflow

We have too many places to update our status or pictures recently. The latest web innovations made us easy to connect to the world but at a time, it gave us too many options.

We’re in a complicated situation again. But I believe we stepped forward, and got a lot more opportunities with the huge innovations.

So I tried to make 3 steps to make things clear. My goal is to find out how I can use multiple social platforms efficiently without extra effort. I hope this post helps you to find your own way to connect to the new social world.

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Time to write something as my first post

I haven’t yet published post here. This is the first one. I think there are tons of place to publish content like WordPress, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook etc. I don’t know how I should use here. I know there is a brilliant feature to post multiple platform at once via Posterous but I don’t need it. I choose individual tools to update content.


I forgot that I had connected Posterouns and this WordPress blog. Yes unexpectedly the post above is here. I posted via Posterous. OK, I see how it works well. My Posterouns is here.