K-ON! and music

The latest animation called “K-ON!” created by The Kyoto Animation was pretty amazing. Can’t imagine how they can create that hi-quality animations. No wonder they’ve received respect from anime fans.

“K-ON!” was animation of high school students’ music life. Music is fun!

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around The World from Concord Music Group on Vimeo.

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Miku HATSUNE's songs now on sale

Supercell Special Package 01

Miku HATSUNE’s CD album get a 2nd ranking of daily music chart.

Some of songs have already been released but finally my favorite “Melt” comes out. As I posted before at this Japanese blog post, I wanted to pay for the author of that song cos the song is awesome.

I didn’t know much about this album even there’re an additional booklet and DVD till I open an Amazon box.

Supercell Special Package 02
Special booklet only for a first edition.

Of course the music itself was touched me. Yes I already heard most of songs at Nico Video before but I pleased with whole content.

Supercell Special Package 03
CD album itself.

Everything inside this package are quality high enough to feel great.

Supercell Special Package 04
Can you see this brilliant effect?

You should try this 🙂

What's the next music generator?

The answer is this by Microsoft. Songsmith can generate a song for you. The commercial film which made by developers is completely different with what I expected. And look! It’s a MacBook Pro!

You know Miku HATSUNE? It’s a Japanese awesome song generator. But these two softwares have a different approach. Songsmith generates music it self but Miku HATSUNE generates a vocal part. This one reminds me how Japan and US are different.