What's the next music generator?

The answer is this by Microsoft. Songsmith can generate a song for you. The commercial film which made by developers is completely different with what I expected. And look! It’s a MacBook Pro!

You know Miku HATSUNE? It’s a Japanese awesome song generator. But these two softwares have a different approach. Songsmith generates music it self but Miku HATSUNE generates a vocal part. This one reminds me how Japan and US are different.

Bill Gates Retires

June 27th.

Celebrate Bill Gates Day with us here at Engadget – Engadget

You know I’m an Apple enthusiast but it’s time to say “I appreciate for your tons of epoch maeking work” to Bill. He definitely made the history of this industry, so really hard to think another possibilities of software and internet businesses without him.

You’re a great man Bill, I’ll miss you and hope success of your next big project!

Imagine the future of Microsoft and Yahoo!

I just thought about it.

1. Microsoft offers Yahoo! (Start) – Acquisition goes into operation. Jerry Yang feels complexity.

2. Some companies enter – All of them want Yahoo!. AOL thinks they wanna acquired.

3. No one can’t compete against Microsoft – No enought money except Microsoft. And others decide to go off.

4. Microsoft gets Yahoo! – Steve Ballmer shouts at the public interview.

5. Saddle with tons of problems – Culture of these two companies are different. Ex-Microsoft bloggers said like links below.

Life is beautiful: Microsoft/Yahoo:買収はたぶん成功するだろうけど、問題はそれからだ


古川 享 ブログ: マイクロソフトがヤフーを買収するかもしれない、という話


6. Microsoft focuses on hardwares dept and OS dept – Yahoo! will be a separated dept though Microsoft send in executives. Microsoft’s core business divisions keep fine.

7. Lot’s of startups get out from Yahoo! – And some of it will become successful.

8. Yahoo! falls off – Then Jerry Yang may act like Steve Jobs, or Yahoo! Japan’s Masayoshi Son may do something.

9. Microsoft sells Yahoo! then acquires Sony – To focuses on hardware dept and OS dept more. Vaio & Walkman + Windows VS Apple, PS + X Box VS Nintendo.

Good luck Microsoft and Yahoo! 😛