Since it’s 2018, these are the things I’ve decided to stop doing

I want to live in a world I can believe in

The picture you see is a New Year’s gift I gave this year. I didn’t want to receive these young people, who still have their entire futures ahead of them, so I gave them a gift using a currency I could believe in. I was told last year to stop putting these strange ideas into their heads, but this year, it went so smoothly I could hardly believe it. I also took the chance to explain to them how to use and manage their gift.

And now, it’s 2018. The future is practically now. So, I’d like to announce a few, not quite new year’s resolutions, but things I’ve decided I really have to stop doing, as an expression of my determination.

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We need an algorithm to connect people online

Social networks help us to make our relationships stronger and ongoing.

But if you send friend requests to someone who you’ve never met before or don’t know well, your social graph may get noise. I had learned it from my first social network experience back in 2004-2005 with mixi and MySpace.

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A man on polaroid photos

Busy days. And couldn’t update here.

It’s really fun for me to work like this but one blog post reminds me something important for our life. Just found it, touched, and some feelings push me to write this entry.

mental_floss Blog » He Took a Polaroid Every Day, Until the Day He Died

Via Digg. Really touched for me, especially the last few days.

Yes. Life is sort. We live once. Do something you want every single day.

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Lukewarm water

I didn’t feel lukewarm till I noticed that I was in lukewarm water. Now I really feel cold cos I noticed that I’m in lukewarm water.

No feedback blog post of the last week. My private was too busy to post it. This is not a substitution but I wrote my feeling of these days.

Reason why I wrote my feeling is a fateful encounter in this week with a men who saw far ahead of the way I’m walking.

Conversation with him, atmosphere aroud him, what he asking. All of these things made me inspired.

On my way home, I can’t stop feel like this.

“I’m in lukewarm water.”

There were lot more chance I didn’t try. I’m afraiding failure. I’m running away from failure and looking for a safety way. In addition, I didn’t learn from failure to cast my eyes from the facts.

Then I acted like not feel any fear.

In my future, I’m going to face tons of walls. Walls I’ve never seen, unsighted. Walls I didn’t see ever.

This is just what I want. I started by myslef to look far ahead of this way. However I’ve closed my eyes with fear.

Can I breakthrough when I hit the wall? Can I learn from it? Can I walk on?

I still have qualms although I’ve noticed that I kept closing my eyes.

However I can’t stop here. Finally I can face the facts. What should I do, what can I do? That’s the thing.

Yes I already know the answer. Just do it. There is no choice.

I remembered one thing. The conversation with my cousin when I was a child.

Me: “I wanna run faster but I can’t run really hard.”
Cousin: “It’s just mean you’re slow runner, aren’t you?”

Got an impact I was. And that was the moment I could recognized I’m a slow runner. I thought I can run faster if I run really hard till this time.

Nothing will happen if I wait for I can do something really hard. Just do it with all my power. Just fail with all my power. Then learn from it with all pain to never forget it.

Go straight to the wall closest to me from here lukewarm water for that purpose.

I know the words “Failure breeds success” or “Learn by mistake”, but I didn’t understand at all.

I’ll fail from now.

Lot’s of people supporting me. It’s encouraging me all the time. I’m sorry I couldn’t work well with that brave. Please keep cheering me.