First Step Of Google Buzz

Kevin posted what he thought on his blog.

Changes/Feature Requests For Google Buzz – Kevin Rose

The big news here isn’t really the functionality of Pownce Buzz, but that Google is boldly integrating this directly into their Gmail product

And he listed up his requests. Google Buzz is definitely in a beta stage but they’ve launched to get opinions and I know they will learn from it. Try the current version and give your opinions through the web.

New Personal Payment Methods May Change The World Economic Rules

This kind of products will make a new tech/business trend, I think. Currently we don’t have any tools to pay small amount of money each other except cash inside your pockets.

What kind of dream you can imagine with this brilliant concept?

Didn’t know but Jack Dorsey joined as co-founder. Sounds cool.

Thought about Digg's evolution

Digg launches a recommendation engine which rumored these days. Read Kevin’s entry below for more detail. There’re some videos about it.

Digg the Blog » Blog Archive » Recommendation Engine rolling out this week!

To be honest, it was little bit quick move than I thought but was made the recommendation engine to more an important factor for all of these kinda social web apps. SBM services include may get a similar feature soon.

We’re keep walking but thought it’s a hard thing to do something even if it’s clear.

Anyway, will write some code.