Sayonara, Japan’s Cryptocurrency Market


A number of negative incidents have occurred in succession within the cryptocurrency market of Japan.

The first is that the cryptocurrency exchange Binance has ceased its developments in Japan. They withdrew from the Japanese market after a warning from the Financial Services Agency that made it sound like they were committing a crime.

They had already achieved remarkable results in the industry. It is true that by skirting certain regulations and taxes, they weren’t competing on a level playing field with other businesses. However, they were a genuine fin-tech company that was an industry leader in innovation. It is regrettable that their expansion into Japan has come to an end.

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How NFC devices change ads around us?


Here is an obvious thing. Foursquare and its clones including Japan made clones have to be happy with the Facebook’s decision about their location service.

Anyway, they must have ideal strategies to beat their enemies. There’re a lot of clones here in Japan now. A big difference between Foursquare and Japan made clones is mobile clients. Most of Japan made clones support typical Japanese mobile phones unlike iOS/Android devices. It means they’re based on Japanese mobile phone culture. This difference is making some innovative movement right now. They get some ideas from typical Japanese mobile phones.

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What Should Poken Change For Japanese Market

Poken is not so pupuler here in Japan but we can buy it at some shops or tech events. I got it almost 1 yeaer ago but haven’t touched before I joined WordCamp Kyoto in Oct 2009. I love the concept of poken but it still not be success in Japan. OK, let me suggest some ideas to be success in Japan.

Suggestions for Poken

They should change some, for Japanese market.

1. Charactor design matters

Poken charactors are creepy. If they want to be success in Japan, need to learn a lot from Otaku people. You can find talented Otakus in Nico Video or anime/game communities.

2. Connect the online platform with Japanese SNS services more smoothly

Most of potential users are already there. Get involve them with mobile phone browser supportted version of the online platform.

3. Find good partners to sell the product

As soon as possible. It depends on their audience building strategy but find good partners to sell the product is really important for their business especially in Japan. Once the product will start to spread among yound people, no one can stop it. To make it happen, they need to find good partners carefully but quickly.

In addition, introduce Poken as a “eco friendly business card” can make impression for Japanese audience now. Anyway, I hope they can build their competitive advantages here in Japan.

Japanese Government Made An Anime For Adults

Go! Go! Election
Go! Go! Election

All of local cities take place coming of age ceremonies every year for 20 years old people in Japan. And at the last one, Japanese government distributed an anime named “Go! Go! Election”. It means 20 years old people got this anime. You can see what’s going on Japanese education system.

From NicoVideo.

From YouTube for people who can’t watch on NicoVideo.

This video became really popular among NicoVideo users and one of an amazing guy ported to NES. This is not just a video, he also published a ROM image for NES.

iPhone released in Japan

Finally, iPhone released here in Japan. However I can’t buy it today, I’m in Yodobashi Camera Umeda now 😛

Just came here to see the release event of the iPhone. Here is a video of the historical countdown with Dante Carver well known as "Yosou GUY" on TV commercials of SoftBank and a VP guy. Maybe he is a VP of SoftBank Mobile I think but not sure.

You can see a gap between US and Japan over the audience. Only a MC and some staff of the Yodobashi Camera are shouting. But don’t worry, all of us are excited.

There’re no more numbered ticket to get it here but I already reserved one at another place.

Hey, if you’re in Japan especially around Osaka, you should watch TV news tonight and find a guy wearing an orange shirt and a black sunglasses. It’s me!

Made in Japan

My friend Kevin in Singapore said like this when we were chatting.

at first, I thought Zelda is made in USA
I was thinking
how come Zelda is so fun to play
impossible from US
so I check on net, so Zelda is from Japan

No no, don’t forget Cheetah Man from US.

He told about me on his blog before, so please chekt it.
Kevin Lim’s Blog: Great news from my kyoudai in Osaka, Japan
Kevin Lim’s Blog

Fireworks show at Osaka

Last week I went to see the “Yodogawa Hanabi-Taikai” one of the famous fireworks show here in Osaka Jpanan.
In the day, fuge amount of people gatherd to the same area between buildings from anywhere around Osaka. It’s just like entire Japanese in one place and all of them are crammed in like sardines.
You know Japan is not a broad land especially Osaka. Additionally, Japanese like to gather at the same place. Can you imagine what will happen?
The answer is this. I hate to jumped into the sea of people like a photo below.
Tenjin Matsuri 2007 02
I took this at the “Tenjin Matsuri”, the end of july. Horrible.
But fortunately, my friend lives in the good point to see the fireworks show. Yeah!
I upload some movies here. Despite the pit of too crowded place, fireworks awaken our emotions.

Some of fireworks draw a picture of characters in animations or something. Cute isn’t it?

Filan part. MUST SEE last few minutes. Shocks of explosions were honking noisy sirens.
Hope, everyone enjoy movies!