How NFC devices change ads around us?


Here is an obvious thing. Foursquare and its clones including Japan made clones have to be happy with the Facebook’s decision about their location service.

Anyway, they must have ideal strategies to beat their enemies. There’re a lot of clones here in Japan now. A big difference between Foursquare and Japan made clones is mobile clients. Most of Japan made clones support typical Japanese mobile phones unlike iOS/Android devices. It means they’re based on Japanese mobile phone culture. This difference is making some innovative movement right now. They get some ideas from typical Japanese mobile phones.

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New Personal Payment Methods May Change The World Economic Rules

This kind of products will make a new tech/business trend, I think. Currently we don’t have any tools to pay small amount of money each other except cash inside your pockets.

What kind of dream you can imagine with this brilliant concept?

Didn’t know but Jack Dorsey joined as co-founder. Sounds cool.

DIY paper iPhone dock

Wnat an iPhone dock without paying $30? OK, I found a brilliant idea here.

Dessine moi un objet » Blog Archive » Iphone and Itouch paper stand / dock

I like to find these DIY tips but this iPhone dock is the best. Here are alternatives.

I already have the original Apple dock for my office but I’ll try this paper one for my home.

Amazing iPhone App

Found an amazing iPhone app via Digg.

Apple’s iPhone-App-Approval Mouse Falls Off Treadmill: Buy The $1000 App That Does Nothing (AAPL)

Behold: “I Am Rich,” a $999.99 app from Armin Heinrich, which just displays a red gem on the phone’s screen — nothing else.

lol… Is he genius?!

See comments on digg here.

Digg – THE 1000 dollar iPhone app, that does NOTHING

iPhone released in Japan

Finally, iPhone released here in Japan. However I can’t buy it today, I’m in Yodobashi Camera Umeda now 😛

Just came here to see the release event of the iPhone. Here is a video of the historical countdown with Dante Carver well known as "Yosou GUY" on TV commercials of SoftBank and a VP guy. Maybe he is a VP of SoftBank Mobile I think but not sure.

You can see a gap between US and Japan over the audience. Only a MC and some staff of the Yodobashi Camera are shouting. But don’t worry, all of us are excited.

There’re no more numbered ticket to get it here but I already reserved one at another place.

Hey, if you’re in Japan especially around Osaka, you should watch TV news tonight and find a guy wearing an orange shirt and a black sunglasses. It’s me!

Monthly fee for the iPhone in Japan

Nice price! SoftBank did it! 7,280 yen for internet connection and basic rate of calling. And 23,040 yen for the iPhone itself.

Time to say good bye to docomo, though we had over 10 years relationship. I may not regret about it and never back to docomo again.

When can I get lined up at Apple Store Shinsaibashi?


  • Break up with Willcom till the end of Jun cos I already got an emobile
  • Switch to SoftBank from docomo for the iPhone