Japanese Government Made An Anime For Adults

Go! Go! Election
Go! Go! Election

All of local cities take place coming of age ceremonies every year for 20 years old people in Japan. And at the last one, Japanese government distributed an anime named “Go! Go! Election”. It means 20 years old people got this anime. You can see what’s going on Japanese education system.

From NicoVideo.

From YouTube for people who can’t watch on NicoVideo.

This video became really popular among NicoVideo users and one of an amazing guy ported to NES. This is not just a video, he also published a ROM image for NES.

Bad or Good day?

Spilled soup on myself when I ate lunch at my office then I had to take a shower and change clothes. Yes fortunately we have a shower room.

After that we had a brain storming session. At the very beginning of it, I spilled coke on my sketch book. Oops again. But the sketch book was awesome. Only one page passed away. The next page was ok even I kept a cup of coke on a previous page for a while.

Here is a proof.

It was safe
KOKUYO did a great work!

These were bad things I got today. Let me say good one. Click a photo below.

Price was jsut…

A shop girl was laughing while handing me the receipt and said like this.

Something good will happen to you 🙂

Amazing iPhone App

Found an amazing iPhone app via Digg.

Apple’s iPhone-App-Approval Mouse Falls Off Treadmill: Buy The $1000 App That Does Nothing (AAPL)

Behold: “I Am Rich,” a $999.99 app from Armin Heinrich, which just displays a red gem on the phone’s screen — nothing else.

lol… Is he genius?!

See comments on digg here.

Digg – THE 1000 dollar iPhone app, that does NOTHING