How NFC devices change ads around us?


Here is an obvious thing. Foursquare and its clones including Japan made clones have to be happy with the Facebook’s decision about their location service.

Anyway, they must have ideal strategies to beat their enemies. There’re a lot of clones here in Japan now. A big difference between Foursquare and Japan made clones is mobile clients. Most of Japan made clones support typical Japanese mobile phones unlike iOS/Android devices. It means they’re based on Japanese mobile phone culture. This difference is making some innovative movement right now. They get some ideas from typical Japanese mobile phones.

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Speeding Up Social Medias And What's Next in 2011?

Instagram got a million users. But the important part is here:

It took Foursquare just over a year to get a million users. It took Twitter about two years. Instagram? They accomplished the feat in less than three months.

Sounds cool. I’m not an Instagram addict but the result told us that their social strategy works well.

Unlinked Foursquare and Twitter due to this

Word of the year
Word of the year

Japan post service launched Twitter analyzer which picks up you the most tweeted word of the year. The service only can understand Japanese though.
My result is the screenshot above. That’s my tweeted words ranking.

The result tells me one thing. Most of my tweeted Japanese are location related words and it means most of my Japanese tweets are came from Foursquare. What a boring tweet I made!

So I changed my mind and unlinked Foursquare and Twitter to stop to make noises anymore. Anyway, I keep using Foursquare and post my location to Facebook wall.