[Information] Moved To A Stable Server

My Desk With Eva GIrls

Japanese version of this blog has got tons of access since I published a post about Evangelion (Only in Japanese). That’s why I decided to move to this blog to EC2.

I’m already using Amazon EC2 for our web sites like messa.tv and jp.messa.tv but I choose a DIY server for this blog. Of course tried to configure a web server and WordPress/Plugins to handle tons of access but got too many visitors at once via Twitter and Japanese social bookmarking site Hatena Bookmark.

Anyway, I hope the current system works well for all of visitors, thanks!

Aska On My Desk

Rei On My Desk

Mari On My Desk

Learn engineer's mind from Dr.Fuyutsuki

Fuyustuki: “What’s your mission?”

Asuka: “Operating the EVA.”

Fuyutsuki: “NO! To beat the Angels!”

What’s our mission? Writing some code? No, solve the problems.

Don’t try to look cool. It makes problems bigger sometimes and you may have to get help by UN. Just beat the Angels intently paying no attention. If your mission may not to beat it, you can choose what you shold do.

Rei: “You’ll never die. I’ll protect you.”