Bill Gates' meal

Where did Bill Gates bring along camera crew? And how did he react to a panhandler?
See a video here.
Microsoft: Bill Gates eats $1.70 hamburgers, can’t spare change

Gates barely gets started explaining precisely how smart he is before a panhandler taps on the window of Dick’s Drive-In Restaurant, the Seattle burger joint where Gates has just ordered a $1.70 “deluxe.” Can Gates spare some change? Nah. $36 billion, maybe, but not some change.

Many kind of opinions everyone may have, but I think it’s not too bad. That’s why he is a billionaire.

The best Nicovideo ever

Finally I met up with it.
Here it is.
【完成版】 メルト デュエット.ver PV ~ 初音ミク feat. ENOZ ~

For more detail, here in Japanese.
Source Code of My Life: ニコニコ史上最高動画

Made in Japan

My friend Kevin in Singapore said like this when we were chatting.

at first, I thought Zelda is made in USA
I was thinking
how come Zelda is so fun to play
impossible from US
so I check on net, so Zelda is from Japan

No no, don’t forget Cheetah Man from US.

He told about me on his blog before, so please chekt it.
Kevin Lim’s Blog: Great news from my kyoudai in Osaka, Japan
Kevin Lim’s Blog

Fireworks show at Osaka

Last week I went to see the “Yodogawa Hanabi-Taikai” one of the famous fireworks show here in Osaka Jpanan.
In the day, fuge amount of people gatherd to the same area between buildings from anywhere around Osaka. It’s just like entire Japanese in one place and all of them are crammed in like sardines.
You know Japan is not a broad land especially Osaka. Additionally, Japanese like to gather at the same place. Can you imagine what will happen?
The answer is this. I hate to jumped into the sea of people like a photo below.
Tenjin Matsuri 2007 02
I took this at the “Tenjin Matsuri”, the end of july. Horrible.
But fortunately, my friend lives in the good point to see the fireworks show. Yeah!
I upload some movies here. Despite the pit of too crowded place, fireworks awaken our emotions.

Some of fireworks draw a picture of characters in animations or something. Cute isn’t it?

Filan part. MUST SEE last few minutes. Shocks of explosions were honking noisy sirens.
Hope, everyone enjoy movies!