Worst User Interface Design Ever


Take a look at a pic above which I took this evening at a small restaurant. This is a machine for free drinks and you can see several buttons on it.

If you’d like to drink a cup of cold water, where do you touch? As you can see, most of people touch buttons on right side and that’s why the buttons are fading away. I also touched.

But, the buttons on right side are not clickable. It’s not a button but a label to show what kind of hot/cold drink you can get. I couldn’t imagine that even when I touch the label.

People keep touching the labels and then the labels are getting more like buttons. Why’d this happen? That’s because the restaurant haven’t maintained the button area ever. People make mistakes sometimes but we all have chances to recover it.

If your labels are fading away, it’s time to change something.

What I’ve Learned From My First HTML5 Based WordPress Theme Development

I made a new theme for my blog and I choose HTML5. Visit here if you are subscribing via email or RSS. Nothing special, it still looks quite simple.

To develop something is always the best way to learn new technologies and that’s the reason why I developed the theme. Here are what I’ve learned from the process.

  1. Framework is important to develop HTML5 base web sites.Productive programmers prefer to use well designed frameworks or modules to develop apps. Same thing is happening. In HTML5 era, writing HTML/CSS is not only for web designers. Programmers will come to write HTML/CSS. It’s going to change the development process. I chooseLess Framework 4 for my blog theme. It helps me to write flexible layout to support various resolutions without writing tons of lines of code.
  2. ‘Progressive enhancement’ helps us to live in the future. In a few years ago, I was always working hard to make pixel perfect web design for all available browsers but it doesn’t make sense anymore. No one want to get it except the author. The most important thing is to make compatible design for all available browsers and devices. Please resize the current window to see what will happen.
  3. HTML5 is fun to use. I know it’s not perfect yet but unlike older version of HTML, I feel philosophy. We always need to focus on content itself while writing code to make sure what kind of content will be displayed there. This is how we can write beautiful code.

My first version is not enough. I need to try more to find out better way to use elements or techniques but I’ve learned a lot from this first version.