First Step Of Google Buzz

Kevin posted what he thought on his blog.

Changes/Feature Requests For Google Buzz – Kevin Rose

The big news here isn’t really the functionality of Pownce Buzz, but that Google is boldly integrating this directly into their Gmail product

And he listed up his requests. Google Buzz is definitely in a beta stage but they’ve launched to get opinions and I know they will learn from it. Try the current version and give your opinions through the web.

Google's Super Bowl Ad Wasn't Impressed

Did you see the super bowl ad by Google? Here is the one.

Looks nice and I love this concept but it wasn’t impressed me so much. Because Google is always running same kind of ads in Japan these days. TOO MANY TIMES.

One of the Japanese version is like this:

And you can find another here.

I prefer super bowl one.

Dark Side Of Online Media

TechCrunch apologized for one of their intern had asked for compensation in exchange for a blog post. WTF!? This is the worst situation for online media. No one can believe the media if these kind of things happen quite often.

This was remind me that we should watch new media carefully and should not trust too much. But at a same time, I know to be honest is the most important thing for online media.

There is a link to the intern’s blog post at the end of the TechCrunch’s post. I had scscribed one of the intern’s blog.

Japanese Government Made An Anime For Adults

Go! Go! Election
Go! Go! Election

All of local cities take place coming of age ceremonies every year for 20 years old people in Japan. And at the last one, Japanese government distributed an anime named “Go! Go! Election”. It means 20 years old people got this anime. You can see what’s going on Japanese education system.

From NicoVideo.

From YouTube for people who can’t watch on NicoVideo.

This video became really popular among NicoVideo users and one of an amazing guy ported to NES. This is not just a video, he also published a ROM image for NES.