New Year's Resolutions 2010

Before the end of January, let me post my personal new year’s resolutions of 2010.

1. Take a day off on Wednesday
Means force me to focus on important tasks like writing important code.
2. Don’t studying English
To get something, should stop something. I don’t stop improving it but should not study. Just use, speak, write!
3. Blog more without thinking
Quality is important but need to try more and fail more to get better quality.
4. Write review posts of Movies/Animes
Should not always work. I need to use my time to refresh my brain.
5. Start video blogging
For me, speaking is more comfortable than writing. Buy a good camcoder.

New Personal Payment Methods May Change The World Economic Rules

This kind of products will make a new tech/business trend, I think. Currently we don’t have any tools to pay small amount of money each other except cash inside your pockets.

What kind of dream you can imagine with this brilliant concept?

Didn’t know but Jack Dorsey joined as co-founder. Sounds cool.