Cool business cards

Found a cool entry when I watched Diggnation #164, the episode that Kevin and Alex were drinking Itoen’s green tea. The cards gallery is really creative. » 24 Creative Business Card Designs

Moo cards’re also cool.

Moo cards
Mine. Picked photos from my flickr.

Backside of Moo cards

Moo is cool even their website and office.

Office Snapshots » Moo
Here’re photos of Moo HQ.

Amazing iPhone App

Found an amazing iPhone app via Digg.

Apple’s iPhone-App-Approval Mouse Falls Off Treadmill: Buy The $1000 App That Does Nothing (AAPL)

Behold: “I Am Rich,” a $999.99 app from Armin Heinrich, which just displays a red gem on the phone’s screen — nothing else.

lol… Is he genius?!

See comments on digg here.

Digg – THE 1000 dollar iPhone app, that does NOTHING

Upgraded MovableType 3 to 4

Finally I finished transition from MovableType 3 to 4. This is a test post form my new blogging platform. It was really easy to upgrade. Just followed these steps.

  1. Back up entire directories
  2. Back up a database
  3. Upload MT4
  4. Change permissions
  5. Overwrite mt-config.cgi from my MT3

That’s it! If you use plugins, need to copy them too. I had a problem about templates mapping but was solved soon.

Now I have to fix templates to use a global templates feature. Hope to get a more productive way to maintenance blogs.