My working space at home

I heard that Japanese geeks’re in Kansai area today but couldn’t join cos my work.

Breakfast at a cafe

Studying at cafe in this morning like this.

Sweet waffle


Working at home

This is my working space at home. In fact here is a living room so it’s not my desk but I like sitting on a couch and work with HHK like this. And I also like 5.1ch speakers around here to listen music in my iTunes library or some songs from Muxtape and MacBook on the right is encoding a video I edited.

Thought about Digg's evolution

Digg launches a recommendation engine which rumored these days. Read Kevin’s entry below for more detail. There’re some videos about it.

Digg the Blog » Blog Archive » Recommendation Engine rolling out this week!

To be honest, it was little bit quick move than I thought but was made the recommendation engine to more an important factor for all of these kinda social web apps. SBM services include may get a similar feature soon.

We’re keep walking but thought it’s a hard thing to do something even if it’s clear.

Anyway, will write some code.

iPhone released in Japan

Finally, iPhone released here in Japan. However I can’t buy it today, I’m in Yodobashi Camera Umeda now 😛

Just came here to see the release event of the iPhone. Here is a video of the historical countdown with Dante Carver well known as "Yosou GUY" on TV commercials of SoftBank and a VP guy. Maybe he is a VP of SoftBank Mobile I think but not sure.

You can see a gap between US and Japan over the audience. Only a MC and some staff of the Yodobashi Camera are shouting. But don’t worry, all of us are excited.

There’re no more numbered ticket to get it here but I already reserved one at another place.

Hey, if you’re in Japan especially around Osaka, you should watch TV news tonight and find a guy wearing an orange shirt and a black sunglasses. It’s me!