Presentation Zen

Sometime I asked like this.

“How did you learn your presentation style?”

My answer is this.

“Mr. Garr Reynolds and his blog.”

Presentation Zen
This is the blog.

First time I saw his presentation, I got inspired. Then I started to upgrade my presentation style.

Recently, he published the “Presentation Zen” book. I got it and now I’m reading it. If you’re interested in learning presentations, this one is the best.

Presentation Zen book 1

Presentation Zen book 2

Yesterday I went to the monthly event at Apple Store Shinsaibashi called “Design Matters” hosted by Mr. Garr Reynolds. This time, the presenter was him.

Presentaiton Zen event

In the final part of his presentation, we had time to ask him something. And someone who have a good question can get a book. So I raised my hand and shouted to get a chance.

When I called, I said like this.

“I already have a book but I want it as a present for someone watching my video podcast. I wanna introduce about this book at my show to spread this book!”

Then he said this.

“OK, so what’s your question? :D”

Oops I forgot the important thing. So I asked about practice for presentations.

After my question, I got a new book. Great! Thanks Mr. Garr! Plus, I got his autograph for my own book and a new one! Wow!

Presentation Zen book 3

Thank you Mr. Garr Reynolds for your great presentation and the best book for me. I’ll spread this book for Japanese people on my video podcast “” soon!

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Lukewarm water

I didn’t feel lukewarm till I noticed that I was in lukewarm water. Now I really feel cold cos I noticed that I’m in lukewarm water.

No feedback blog post of the last week. My private was too busy to post it. This is not a substitution but I wrote my feeling of these days.

Reason why I wrote my feeling is a fateful encounter in this week with a men who saw far ahead of the way I’m walking.

Conversation with him, atmosphere aroud him, what he asking. All of these things made me inspired.

On my way home, I can’t stop feel like this.

“I’m in lukewarm water.”

There were lot more chance I didn’t try. I’m afraiding failure. I’m running away from failure and looking for a safety way. In addition, I didn’t learn from failure to cast my eyes from the facts.

Then I acted like not feel any fear.

In my future, I’m going to face tons of walls. Walls I’ve never seen, unsighted. Walls I didn’t see ever.

This is just what I want. I started by myslef to look far ahead of this way. However I’ve closed my eyes with fear.

Can I breakthrough when I hit the wall? Can I learn from it? Can I walk on?

I still have qualms although I’ve noticed that I kept closing my eyes.

However I can’t stop here. Finally I can face the facts. What should I do, what can I do? That’s the thing.

Yes I already know the answer. Just do it. There is no choice.

I remembered one thing. The conversation with my cousin when I was a child.

Me: “I wanna run faster but I can’t run really hard.”
Cousin: “It’s just mean you’re slow runner, aren’t you?”

Got an impact I was. And that was the moment I could recognized I’m a slow runner. I thought I can run faster if I run really hard till this time.

Nothing will happen if I wait for I can do something really hard. Just do it with all my power. Just fail with all my power. Then learn from it with all pain to never forget it.

Go straight to the wall closest to me from here lukewarm water for that purpose.

I know the words “Failure breeds success” or “Learn by mistake”, but I didn’t understand at all.

I’ll fail from now.

Lot’s of people supporting me. It’s encouraging me all the time. I’m sorry I couldn’t work well with that brave. Please keep cheering me.

Want to add tasks on Eclipse Mylyn at offline situation

Since the beginning of 2008, I started to use svk. It’s great even when I’m writing some code at offline starbucks.

But there is one thing I want to change to be better.

I want to open tickets of Trac on Eclipse whenever I’m offline.

It’s ok while I’m using Emacs, but I hope Eclipse + Mylyn can do it. It helps me more productive.

Some of articles said it’s of course able to do it. Really? I still can’t. Yes I can edit opened tickets and save it on my local machine but can’t open new one.

OK. Return to the starting line, I’ll watch a webinar of Mylyn and then read an official document. Maybe I’ll do it next week because it’s too busy weekend now.

If I found something, I’ll post it.

2008 5th week / 52 weeks

It’s too late to post my last feedback, but I’ll. Jan 28st (Mon) to Feb 3rd (Sun).

Actual worked hours

Date Hours
28 Mon 14.25
29 Tue 19
30 Wed 6
31 Thu 14
1 Fri 15.5
2 Sat 9
3 Sun 5.25


1. Less review time – Too much tasks made me forget to review by myself for each tasks. It’s really important to correct my course.

2. Lack awareness of priorities – Just the same as last week. Work as a team for rush tasks and I need to have a long term view.


1. Creative tasks first – I do just I posted at this entry, Wake up without caffeine. In concrete terms, write some code first.

Good points

1. Found my problems – Last week I had enough time to review by myself. I’ll sum up it.


Do more reivew and get good rhythm – Do not run without look over.

Imagine the future of Microsoft and Yahoo!

I just thought about it.

1. Microsoft offers Yahoo! (Start) – Acquisition goes into operation. Jerry Yang feels complexity.

2. Some companies enter – All of them want Yahoo!. AOL thinks they wanna acquired.

3. No one can’t compete against Microsoft – No enought money except Microsoft. And others decide to go off.

4. Microsoft gets Yahoo! – Steve Ballmer shouts at the public interview.

5. Saddle with tons of problems – Culture of these two companies are different. Ex-Microsoft bloggers said like links below.

Life is beautiful: Microsoft/Yahoo:買収はたぶん成功するだろうけど、問題はそれからだ


古川 享 ブログ: マイクロソフトがヤフーを買収するかもしれない、という話


6. Microsoft focuses on hardwares dept and OS dept – Yahoo! will be a separated dept though Microsoft send in executives. Microsoft’s core business divisions keep fine.

7. Lot’s of startups get out from Yahoo! – And some of it will become successful.

8. Yahoo! falls off – Then Jerry Yang may act like Steve Jobs, or Yahoo! Japan’s Masayoshi Son may do something.

9. Microsoft sells Yahoo! then acquires Sony – To focuses on hardware dept and OS dept more. Vaio & Walkman + Windows VS Apple, PS + X Box VS Nintendo.

Good luck Microsoft and Yahoo! 😛