Get back last session of Firefox

Firefox is going to down sometime when I open lot’s of tabs. And then I lose the session because too much tabs is the reason why Firefox can’t be stable.
But yes I don’t have to give up to get back last session. There is some file with a list of URLs.
I always salvage URLs by some short scripts, but it happens many times. So, I released a tiny web application to get it back.
How to use is really easy.

  1. Find your session.rdf
  2. Send it from the form

That’s it. Your session.rdf will send to a server once, but it’ll removed after get URLs.
Only date and amount of URLs are kept in the server.
# Why I do like that? Because I wanna research how many tabs make your Firefox unstable. In my last case, 211 tabs.
Please take full responsibility for your actions when you use this. I hope you like it.
Get Back Session
Location of the session.rdf is here.
Firefox Help: How To Manage Profiles
I didn’t research well, but you can use this if you use “Tab Mix Plus” to manage session. Perhaps you can use, if there is “session.rdf” in your nice machine.
# Yes I goofed off, sorry 😛
This one is almost only for myself. If you find something wrong about this, please notice me.

Bill Gates' meal

Where did Bill Gates bring along camera crew? And how did he react to a panhandler?
See a video here.
Microsoft: Bill Gates eats $1.70 hamburgers, can’t spare change

Gates barely gets started explaining precisely how smart he is before a panhandler taps on the window of Dick’s Drive-In Restaurant, the Seattle burger joint where Gates has just ordered a $1.70 “deluxe.” Can Gates spare some change? Nah. $36 billion, maybe, but not some change.

Many kind of opinions everyone may have, but I think it’s not too bad. That’s why he is a billionaire.

The best Nicovideo ever

Finally I met up with it.
Here it is.
【完成版】 メルト デュエット.ver PV ~ 初音ミク feat. ENOZ ~

For more detail, here in Japanese.
Source Code of My Life: ニコニコ史上最高動画