Bill Gates Retires

June 27th.

Celebrate Bill Gates Day with us here at Engadget – Engadget

You know I’m an Apple enthusiast but it’s time to say “I appreciate for your tons of epoch maeking work” to Bill. He definitely made the history of this industry, so really hard to think another possibilities of software and internet businesses without him.

You’re a great man Bill, I’ll miss you and hope success of your next big project!

Bill Gates' meal

Where did Bill Gates bring along camera crew? And how did he react to a panhandler?
See a video here.
Microsoft: Bill Gates eats $1.70 hamburgers, can’t spare change

Gates barely gets started explaining precisely how smart he is before a panhandler taps on the window of Dick’s Drive-In Restaurant, the Seattle burger joint where Gates has just ordered a $1.70 “deluxe.” Can Gates spare some change? Nah. $36 billion, maybe, but not some change.

Many kind of opinions everyone may have, but I think it’s not too bad. That’s why he is a billionaire.